Liquid Silk Hair Polish Serum



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HSE Liquid Silk Hair Polish & Detangler is a salon quality formulation that delivers incredible long lasting shine to manes & tails.  A premium blend of the very highest quality hair conditioning & organic shine polymers fortified with Vitamin E, Silk Proteins and UV filters protect fragile mane & tail hair from the elements, repair dry split ends, seals & smooths the hair cuticle and keeps long hair tangle free for days.

Liquid Silk is non-greasy and after application finishes to a soft powdery feel, is anti-static & anti-dust attracting and does not weigh the hair down making it a fantastic show day polish.  Highly concentrated like all our products, just a small amount applied to the mane & tail lasts for up to a week, making this gorgeous smelling potion unbelieveable value for money.


♦ Incredible shine

♦ Repairs split ends

♦ Protects hair from extreme weather

♦ Smooths & seals the cuticle preventing moisture loss

♦ Non-greasy, powdery feel

♦ Long Lasting

♦ Detangles knots with minimum hair breakage

♦ Anti-static

♦ Anti-dust attracting

♦ Available in rich serum or spray


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